Scouts Leadership Challenge

This term the Scouts have been working on their leadership challenge badge.  In pairs they were given a theme and asked to plan and lead an evening’s session.

They all did incredibly well.  Not only do the Scouts leading the session have to think about an interesting and fun evening for their peers, they have to make sure the timings work and that they have all the materials they need.   Perhaps the harder challenge is for the rest of the troop to be led by their peers!

It has meant we’ve had a really interesting and varied half term.  We had chocolate week (cooking night), team games (games night), poison (activities to explore drugs, alcohol and other poisons), and Christmas party (pizza making party)

Here’s some pictures from tonight’s party where they split into two teams to turn a Scout into a reindeer using only paper.

They also made pizza and decorated gingerbread men


Then sat down to eat together.