Scout scientists

Tonight the Scouts were undertaking experiments as part of their Scientist activity badge.

The Scouts began by predicting what would happen and which acid would be most effective. They then used one or a mixture of the acids and applied heat. The most successful acid was lemon juice, followed by the mix of lemon and vinegar. The vinegar came in a poor third place with the writing only just visible. White wine vinegar was more effective than cider vinegar!

The first experiment was to use an acid to make secret hidden messages. The acids available were lemon juice, white wine vinegar and cider vinegar or a mix or lemon and vinegar.

The second experiment was an electrolysis experiment which involved putting a battery into water and then a salt solution to see what would happen. The Scouts thought about the chemicals involved and what we would be able to test for – we were able to collect and test for hydrogen. We could also see iron oxide being produced and bubbles on the positive terminal which were supposed to be chlorine (but we didn’t test for it). More about the experiment can be found here: http://How to get hydrogen gas from water