There had been a plane crash in the woods near Broadstone Warren and a deadly virus had been stolen. The Scouts had to find and complete challenges and save the world….

After a hearty meal served by Bromley District Youth Events Team the Scouts grabbed their torches, were given maps, and off they went.

moonwalk map








It is rather hard to find the bases in the dark.  Quite often you only know you’ve found once when your torch finds one of the base markers…  even then it can be hard to find the friendly Scout leaders who are running the challenge.








After a long night hiking through the woods by moonlight or torchlight we returned for a warm hot chocolate, cup of soup and a snack before retiring to are beds for a few hours sleep.

In the morning, after a slow start, we were served a hot breakfast by the Youth Events Team before packing away our tents and heading off home.