Beavers Global Challenge – cleaning water

The Beavers have been learning about the world and the challenges faced by people.  This included thinking about climate change and what they can do (planting trees, reducing plastic use, reusing/recycling things).  Today they were thinking about how people get clean drinking water and, as a science experience, made water filters.

First they predicted what would happen, then they did the experiment, discussed the results and then thought about how they could make it better and tried again.

The filter was made of coffee filters, with sand in the bottom, topped with gravel.  Very muddy water was poured into the filter.

It took three passes through the filter to remove the mud and residue from the sand (we should have washed the sand first!).  The last time, they used two paper filters.

This is a fun experiment that can be repeated at home, just make sure to wash your hands after handling the mud and not to drink the filtered water!