Beavers Giant Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday the Beavers had a fun day out in the woods yesterday, completing challenges and spotting the Easter Bunny or Horrid Hen at the Giant Easter Egg Hunt organised by the Bromley District Youth Events Team.

The Beavers found and  completed 12 challenges hidden in the woods at Frylands Camp site.

They scored over 500 points throwing bean bags at targets.

They completed an egg and spoon race and worked as a team to get tennis balls across a large distance using just guttering pipes.

They successful remembered all the items in the box as part of Kim’s game.

Working in pairs they guided each other around a sensory trail blindfolded.   They also had to find weights hidden around the woods to weigh down a hot air balloon as well as complete a giant jigsaw puzzle and play pin the tail on the bunny.

The hardest challenge was filling a leaky pipe with water to retrieve a ball from the inside (the ball floated).  This required teamwork and co-ordination to make sure that they covered the holes in the pipe with fingers to stop the water they were pouring in with cups from escaping.   The water bucket was about 5 m away!

They completed a game of skittles, took part in a scavenger hunt and had a race to fill balls into a bucket.

The 19th Bromley were the first to complete all the challenges and waited very patiently for all the other groups to arrive so that they could be given their reward – an Easter Egg.

A fun day was had by all!