Beavers global challenge

This week, as part of a series of sessions looking at climate change and our world as part of the Global Issues badge and their Personal Challenge badge, the Beavers took part in the Show the Love challenge to make a pledge to do something to help tackle climate change.  Some of the ideas the Beavers came up with included saving energy, reducing waste, recyling and planting a tree or flowers for bees.

Each Beaver made a pledge and wrote it on a green heart – this was then joined together to form bunting that decorated the 19th Bromley Notice Board in the Church Hall for all the visitors to see.  We will be check up on how they are doing with their pledge over the coming weeks.

The Beavers also talked about all the facts they knew about the world, including that it’s a sphere, the Amazon has the most water of any river, the Pacific the oldest ocean and that the Earth goes round the Sun.